Spring Python's beta site switchover!

After making more tweaks and confirming I could see everything on the new site which I saw on the old site, I decided to cut over to our new project site. I also worked to make sure all the old links still worked. This is pretty neat!

What do you think of the new site?

It is way cooler!
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This sucks! Go back to the old one.
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Total votes: 2

Dropping in some wiki stuff

One thing I was interested in using Drupal for, was the ability to have ALL content in one centralized place. Of course, that includes wiki-like things. I currently have http://wiki.springpython.webfactional.com setup. I wanted to see if I could mirror the method injection (http://wiki.springpython.webfactional.com/index.php/Factory_method) article I wrote there, here! NOTE: The article has a forwarding address, so being able to handle that is also nice, ehh?
Okay, we are mirroring:

Trying out the freelinks module

I'm trying out the free links module, to see if it really works. The idea is to create a mediawiki like situation, that links to commonly created nodes. Also wondering if MediaWiki does the trick!

UPDATE: I now have wikitools and TinyMCE loaded! This is pretty nice.

  • I don't have to keep typing this HTML junk!
  • I can easily draw up bulleted lists...

This is superb!

Experimenting with drupal

Having an interest to make the webpage for Spring Python a little more dynamic and allow content to come from many places, I am trying out drupal.

So far, I have been able to create all the usual links, and also easily have both Spring Python's 1.0.0 reference doc links as well at 1.1.x on the same page. I also put my HTML code to display technologies involved as well. So far, looks quite interesting. As for themeing and skinning, that may come another day.

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